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 We are the X team, in charge of operating tours mainly in Lima, Cusco, and Arequipa,  our main base is in Lima city, an as a company we are specialized in offering tours and transfers, to travelers from all around the world.  Our difference is the combination of cultural contents with some of the underground corners, offering rich content,  in an innovative, fun, relaxing and educational atmosphere; each of our attractions is selected to highlight one cultural or historic aspect of Perú, transferring a memorable message. 

Our style is vanguardist but with the knowledge of more than 15 years of experience, we are conscious than traveling is an amazing experience, and is  Expertizia Travel mission to design the trip that fits with your own dream, showing different aspects of this multiple nations country name Peru. 

Expertizia Travel offers to you a designed experience to get the best benefit of your time and destinations, building an 


Connect the visitor with local cultures, people and the environment to create unforgettable memories through a fun learning experience. Make the traveler enjoy every moment of life to the fullest, under the legal and cultural parameters of every region.    


To be the most innovative, vanguardist, interesting and funniest tour operator Company in all South America.

The X Team

Vanessa Flores Mayer

Vanessa Flores Mayer, professional o the tourism sector in Peru, CEO of Expertizia Travel.


Passionate anthropologist about peruvian cultural investigations and tourism, counting with more than 20 years’ experience on the tourism sector, being 14 of them explicitly dedicated to the operations of tours in Lima & surroundings as an Official Tour Guide.

Expertizia Travel is her dream of liberty and creativity, giving her the power of designing new proposals based in the know-how after years of direct contact with the tourist, understanding their wishes, opinions and expectations.  

"My best memories are those in which I was traveling, being those sacred moments that offer the opportunity of watching different realities, living adventures, meeting new people and learning new ways of doing common things. This is the feeling that we work to make real in our passengers and co-workers." 

Javier Bezada


Javier is our representative for corporate sales to companies or foreign universities, he is a renowned agronomist, a great entrepreneur in his field, placing food on the market of his own crops, among his favorite pecans. Naturally, he has a sharp vision for the business, his empathy and sympathy allow him to easily create strategic alliances, to which our team responds with great responsibility.

 Without a doubt, he is a very important member of our X team for his excellent ability to close deals and for his contributions to our routes, since he himself is a passionate traveler, who constantly drives through  South America, while he meets people on the road, do business and create strategic alliances throughout South America. He is passionate about nature, social works, good food, sharing pleasant moments with friends, meeting new people, new cultures, and places.

Rosa Curioso

Rosa is passionate about numbers from a very young age, being one of the best in her room in mathematics. She is a recognized official Accountant of Peru, having overseen the accounting of recognized companies for decades ago, she being the person in charge of the declaration and verification of payments, deductions, statements to the sunat, payment to afp , essalud, among other activities connected to the monthly and annual statements that must be established in each company. Among the things that Rosa likes the most is spending time with her son in a good restaurant, even better if it is good Peruvian food. 

Martha Tolmos León


 Martha and Vanessa are companions of CENFOTUR, graduating together from the career of Official Tourism Guides, she is very entertaining and dynamic, a lover of Peru, its culture, and exquisite cuisine. Martha is very interested in anthropology, history, archeology, and gastronomy, doing tours in Lima since about 15 years ago.

Among their greatest passions are traveling, meeting new people and cultures, walking for long hours on routes that combine nature and archaeological sites, as well as making tours of the dynamic city of Lima. He also has a special talent for theater, an activity that he enjoys and shares with his brothers, husband, and children, who are also talented amateurs.

Amadeo Pinchi


Amadeo is a good guide if you are visiting the city of Lima, not only for the passion he feels for its history, cuisine, traditions, and heritage, but also because he is a genetic and cultural  combination itself, one of his parents is original from the Peruvian Amazon, and the other one of the high Andean zone and all of them live in Lima the capital of the multiple nations and cultural manifestations.

Amadeo is a great writer, innovative, creative, interesting, good speaker, nice and empathic, without a doubt spending a day in Lima with him is an interesting and fun learning experience, for his brilliant personality and natural sincerity to show his city.

Diego Ormeño


Diego is one of the star members of the team, for his patience, good mood and great willingness to serve others. He is a professional driver, with an arduous experience in the tourism sector. At night he studies Systems Engineering and within his great passions are sharing time with his daughter, with family and friends.

Although he is not 100% fluent in English, he can express himself and understand perfectly well. He stands out for being a responsible, hardworking person, always willing to help others and who has the initiative to solve problems.

Our X Team Singing to Peru in our National Holidays

This song was composed and performed by our X team in the celebrations of national holidays of the year 2016. Enjoy it and capture the essence of what Peru is for a Peruvian.

Our Professional Commitment

Been on the market for 17 years, make you aware of the importance of trusting your tour operator:

  • To be flexible and sesitive to our passengers needs.
  • Keep and organizational culture base in constant quality search.
  • Fullfill the agreed commitments. 
  • Puncutality in each of our services.
  • Give more than expected.
  • Be always updated in the information we give.
  • Innovate and find ourselves in the forefront.

Our Social Commitment

  • We work under conditions that benefit our company, the employees, clients and community.
  • We empower the local identity of our destinations.
  • We are a tool for the economic activation of the destinations contracting local guides, tourism monitors and dealers.
  • We pay more than the standard salary to each position.
  • We train the professionals of the tourism sector.
  • We give constant assessorial to our business partners guarantying quality.
  • Politically, we impulse the tourism growth as the economic activity that will eradicate poverty, produce a better distribution of finances in the country and activate the local economies with foreign money.
  • We distribute information and join efforts in programs against the sexual abuse industry. 
  • We work in activities related to women empowerment and rights defence.    

Our Environmental Commitment

  • We denounce the environmental damage we are witenesses of.
  • We promote the use of renewable energies.
  • We throw our garbage in proper trashcans without producing any alteration of the atmosphere.
  • We promote recycling.
  • We are conscious of the detrimental aspects of our consumption culture searching and proposing solutions for a constant improvement.
  • We look for balance in our operations being aware of the impact of tourism on natural areas.

Our Passangers Comments

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