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We are Tourism Operators recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, MINCETUR as well as our customers for more than 17 years.

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Peruvians have rediscovered our identity in the last decades, valuing our differences, being a multi-ethnic country with 78 ethnic groups, who speak 68 diverse dialects, bio diverse in flora, fauna, cultures, millenarian history, beautiful landscapes, delicious gastronomy and a wisdom that today we put in value for the improvement of the societies of the future. "

We are a millennial country and a great political proposal for humanity, being the only part of the planet where civilization has been preserved for millennia, creating great development, the proper use of working hours and motivations to benefit the quality of life, but not for war

Why we love this?

We are unearthing the past, interpreting the present, investigating the inexplicable, rewriting history and sharing it with other passionate like us.

Our experience your guarantee...

Peru is a country of great wealth and here we show it!

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