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Inside the house of Aliaga "the oldest manssion in America"  with a lovely group of girls,

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With just one click you could navigate and have a view of all our tour options, designed after 14 years operating tours in Peru.   We are passionate about our country, its history, and its cultural diversity, our difference is in our innovation, research, and selection of the information that we share with our passengers.  Expertizia Travel combines in each circuit attractions chosen by its historical importance, conservation, the main topic of the tour and of course the interest of our passengers. 

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Lunahuana had stablished as one the favorite place for the practice of river rawting.

Full Days and Excursions

Navigate in this web and discover the options for full days and overnight excursions, departing from Lima,  Cusco or Arequipa. Combining gastronomic experiences, trecks,  tours to archaeologic sites,  the practice of river rafting, zip line, climbing, biking, visit museums, natural reservations, and others.  Select the journey of your preference,  depending on your interest and lifestyle. Let's plan our trip to get connected with nature, our local communities and learn about a  different cosmovision.

  • Paracas-Ica-Nazca
  • Lunahuana - Laraos
  • Caral
  • Sacred Valley- Machu Picchu

MBA students smiling mean while thet wait for the CEO who will give us a presentation of his work.

Educational trips

Our passion is planning special trips for university students, to learn about Peruvian finances,   the local history, its business environment,  art, and folklore. These special educational trips have conferences given by the top executives of different local organizations from the private and national sector,  providing a full vision of the local reality to every student inscribe for this journey. Destinations are related to the faculty and interest of the group. We finish the experience visiting Machu Picchu, one of the world seven wonders.  

  • Diamante fishery
  • Lima Stock Market
  • Reserve Bank Museum
  • U.S.A. embassy in Lima.

About Us

We invite you to watch our 2015 launch video and know a little more about us:

17 years as tour operators and contributing the community.


Being Peru a multiethnic country it has multiple ethnicities inside it, our work is interpreting and researching the historical and cultural aspects of every community shown in their folklore, recognizing their community, highlighting their principle beliefs, culinary techniques, cosmovision, traditions, religious rituals, mind settings, natural medicine, etc. 

Why we love this?

We love what we do cause we are daily impressed with the cultural diversity coexisting in this beautiful country, of varied landscapes,  exquisite cuisine, vast artistic community, owner of a millenary history, that gives its identity of a great place to visit and work, especially at the tourism industry.

Our experience your guarantee...

Do not waste your time and money on a bad experience during your tours in Lima, losing the opportunity of learning and enjoy a destination to the fullest. Let our X Team be in charge of organizing your Peru eXperience and become your favorite tour operator!

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